Our Programs

A program for every type of learner

Whether you’re learning a language from scratch or simply softening your accent, we offer private, semi-private, and small group classes for individuals and businesses alike.

Our programs

We offer one-on-one (private) lessons, two-person (semi-private) lessons, and small-group sessions (online: 3-student maximum, on-site: 6-student maximum).

Virtual classroom

Flexible: Whether your staff is local, national, or international, the virtual classroom is accessible to anyone, anytime, in any location.

Efficient: Virtual lessons favor shorter modules, so learners feel less overwhelmed than they would in an intensive course.

Productive: By bringing the classroom to your employees, hours that would have been spent in transit can be put towards productive tasks instead.

Cost-effective: Manage costs by creating semi-private or small group sessions that include people from various locations, instead of multiple private lessons.

Measurable: Instructors and learners assess improvement using level evaluations, progress reports, and feedback surveys.

On-site training

Accessible: Our instructors bring all required materials and coursework straight to your office for students’ convenience.

Peer-to-peer: Give students the opportunity to immediately apply what they’ve learned through practice conversations with classmates.

Cost-effective: On-site group lessons offer the lowest cost per student, without sacrificing the ability to offer a personalized experience.

Measurable: Instructors and learners assess improvement using level evaluations, progress reports, and feedback surveys.

Specialized services

Writing practice: Our customized curriculum’s include how to write business emails, reports, presentations, and many other industry-specific communications.

Conversation practice: During these immersion-style dialogues, a language coach will provide guidance and corrections to help you sharpen your communication skills.

Accent reduction: Perfect your pronunciation and soften your accent to communicate clearly and effectively.

Interpreter service: Our interpreter teams provide simultaneous translation services for international conference delegates.

Translation service: As specialists in all things language-related, your texts and documents will be in great hands with our translators.

Exam preparation

Permanent residency: TEF/TEFaQ, CELPIP, and TOEIC.

Professional accreditation: Tailored to oral, comprehension and written requirements for joining a professional order (chartered accountancy, engineering, dentistry, psychology, etc.).

Academic: Prepare yourself to take college- or university-level language proficiency exams, such as IELTS/TOEFL, TEF, DALF, DELF, and TCF.

A word from our clients

I am extremely happy with the quality of the language courses at CR/SL Virtual. The instructor goes above and beyond to personalize the content to my needs, adjusting and challenging me as needed. At work, I have been commended for my progress and my ability to communicate in French. In fact, recently, I was able to speak and participate in French in front of 800 people!

Maria Isabel Jimenez

Manufacturing Director, Medtronic

Our company has been using the services of CR/SL Virtual for over seven years. The quality of the services offered for second language learning is absolutely impeccable! The courses are customized to the needs of each employee and we see results quickly. Our employees appreciate the flexibility of their virtual classroom formula, as well as the professionalism and competence of the teachers. I highly recommend CR/SL Virtual without hesitation to anyone who wants to learn a second language. Congratulations and long live this well-managed company!

Jacynthe Pigeon

Training Manager, UAP Inc.

I have been studying with CR/SL Virtual for the past year and a half. The classes are interactive and my instructor adapts her lessons to my skill and interest level. Through the virtual lessons I have been able to practice my speaking skills, formerly my weakest link in French. I am now able to understand and communicate fairly well with francophone colleagues. I highly recommend these lessons for busy professionals who want to improve their language skills.

Julie Reynolds

Senior Marketing Manager Oncology, AstraZeneca