About Us

Lifelong learning has never been so much fun!

What do you get when you combine expertly-trained language instructors with a teaching methodology that’s been refined to perfection over time? A learning experience that’s second to none.

Our process

Placement test

In order to gauge each student’s proficiency level and place them in the right stream, we start off by conducting a writing exam online and an oral evaluation by phone.

Needs analysis

We work with our students on an individual level to gather and analyze information about their specific needs according to their industry, role, areas of responsibility, and more.

Instructor match

Learners are matched with a certified instructor based on their availabilities, peak learning hours, and desired class format (private, semi-private, small group).

Periodic check-ins

After the second class, learners will receive a request for initial feedback. Midway through the session, we will also send out a survey and open the floor to comments.


At the halfway mark, we will issue a progress report to keep students up-to-date on how they’re doing, then a final evaluation at the end of the session.

Our team

We manage a large team of certified, dynamic instructors with extensive experience in general and business language training.


President & Founder

"I lead a team of highly qualified, passionate and dynamic language instructors. I have maintained a commitment to getting the right people in our boat, rowing in the same direction. Shared values lead to a joint vision. I have cultivated an environment of trust, growth, honesty, idea sharing, risk taking and helping. My vision is to reach all employees across organizations locally, nationally and internationally."

Backed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Relations & Psychology, Cindy’s strengths lie in training and development, human resources, organizational development, human relations and psychology.


Recruiting Assistant / Administration

"As a Recruiting Assistant, I help facilitate the hiring process and on-boarding. I am passionate about creating a healthy team atmosphere. My goal is to help build a company culture that will set our team up for success, provide collaboration opportunities, and support."

Polina is in her final year as a student at John Molson School of Business. She is working towards a Bachelors degree in Management with a Minor in Applied Human Sciences. She has extensive knowledge in Human Resources and Marketing.

Meet some of our instructors:


Lead French Instructor

"Communication and teaching are second nature to me, and I take pleasure in facilitating success. My approach to language learning is constantly evolving. Moreover, my pedagogical approach is built around the specific needs of the learner. It is important to consider each student as an individual and put them at the center of his or her learning. I make sure my students have a meaningful learning experience in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere."

Christine holds a Bachelor's degree in French Language and Literature. She has been teaching French to adults for 12 years. Her expertise is in both the public and private sectors.


English Instructor

"Teaching English for me is a tool to help my students meet their lifelong goals because communication is the key to success in almost everything we do. I love providing my students with strategies to communicate effectively. That being said, they teach me as well. I view all learning as an opportunity to grow and experience new challenges."

Ania has a Master’s Degree in Teaching ESL and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. She has been teaching ESL to business professionals for the last 10 years.


Spanish Instructor

"I have always considered teaching as a very enriching experience that compliments my experience as a translator. I can explore my creative side while sharing my attention to detail. Teaching allows me to help students with their specific needs and, also, to learn from them in this process."

Virna holds a bachelor's degree in Translation and has been working as a language teacher and translator for several years. She is currently doing an MA in second language acquisition at Concordia University.


English Instructor

"I am passionate about teaching because it is so rewarding. I feel incredibly lucky that I am able to witness my students’ progress and growth. I excel in finding creative solutions to better help my students reach their goals, and adapt my lessons to each specific student."

After earning her undergraduate degree in English Literature, Katie received her TEFL certificate and began teaching at private language schools in Toronto. Since 2013, she has taught business and general English for a variety of different companies in Montreal.


French Instructor

"From a young age, I have loved the French language. I feel privileged to work in such a rewarding profession. My golden rule: be dynamic, be creative, be attentive and, of course, be devoted!"

Anne-Marie holds a Master's degree in French Literature from the University of Paris-Sorbonne. Anne-Marie pursues her professional dream by teaching literature, general and business French in various educational institutions.


Lead English Instructor

"I have had a few careers, but teaching brings me the most happiness. I really enjoy working with people from so many different backgrounds who bring their own unique and interesting challenges to every class. I love to have fun with my students and it is amazing to watch their progress and see their skills improve and their confidence grow. I am lucky because I love my job!"

Jane is TESOL/TESL certified with a specialization in Business English. She has been teaching English online to people from across Canada, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America.

A word from our clients

I am extremely happy with the quality of the language courses at CR/SL Virtual. The instructor goes above and beyond to personalize the content to my needs, adjusting and challenging me as needed. At work, I have been commended for my progress and my ability to communicate in French. In fact, recently, I was able to speak and participate in French in front of 800 people!

Maria Isabel Jimenez

Manufacturing Director, Medtronic

Our company has been using the services of CR/SL Virtual for over seven years. The quality of the services offered for second language learning is absolutely impeccable! The courses are customized to the needs of each employee and we see results quickly. Our employees appreciate the flexibility of their virtual classroom formula, as well as the professionalism and competence of the teachers. I highly recommend CR/SL Virtual without hesitation to anyone who wants to learn a second language. Congratulations and long live this well-managed company!

Jacynthe Pigeon

Training Manager, UAP Inc.

I have been studying with CR/SL Virtual for the past year and a half. The classes are interactive and my instructor adapts her lessons to my skill and interest level. Through the virtual lessons I have been able to practice my speaking skills, formerly my weakest link in French. I am now able to understand and communicate fairly well with francophone colleagues. I highly recommend these lessons for busy professionals who want to improve their language skills.

Julie Reynolds

Senior Marketing Manager Oncology, AstraZeneca