Why learning should be personal, both online and on-site

Ever feel like you’re lost in a crowd? In a classroom setting, if you ever get the sense that you’re just a number, you’re not likely to be performing at your peak.

An individualized approach is one of the best ways to learn something fast, and make sure the subject matter sticks. Whether on-site or online, and whether you’re enrolled in a private, semi-private, or small-group learning session, you should never compromise on personalization. 

Let’s explore why one-on-one attention works so incredibly well, and how group classes can still provide exactly what students need to succeed.

How to make group learning feel personal

When there are too many students in a given class, the potential for individualized attention takes a nosedive. In our experience, we’ve found the ideal class size to be between 3 and 6 students – small enough to give everyone a chance to engage with the instructor, and large enough to facilitate group learning experiences.

Compared to larger classes, small groups give students the chance to:

  • Get more “air time” to express themselves and ask questions
  • Receive real-time feedback
  • Immediately apply what they’ve learned through dynamic peer-to-peer exercises
  • Get to know fellow students in-depth, creating a more positive learning atmosphere
  • Engage with a range of perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds to help contextualize what they’ve learned

The common thread that unites all of these points is the potential for engagement. In a smaller group, important nuances like the ability to make eye contact with every participant and less “pressure to perform” in front of an audience go a long way towards encouraging students to jump in.

On the other hand, in a large group, students may feel that there is not enough time or space for them to share. When there are just a handful of people in a room, all of whom are working towards a common goal, people will band together and support each other along their learning journey.

The result: students learn faster, retain more information, and leave each session with a smile on their face.

Private and semi-private personalization

While delivering one-on-one attention in a small group environment takes exceptional attention and skill, making students feel seen and heard is a little easier in semi-private and private classes.

Semi-private sessions, which are designed to accommodate two students with similar learning objectives, have lots of room for content personalization and individualized student-instructor time. And with private sessions, the sky’s the limit: students learn at their own pace, receive fully customized content, and enjoy all the airtime they need with their teacher.

Choose a training company that understands

How do we know these principles work? We’ve tested and proven them ourselves over the last 8 years. Both online and on-site, our small-group approach is simple: no more than 6 students per class, 1.5 hours minimum, two sessions per week, supported by customized content. Sound like a recipe for success? Contact us today for more information, or book a free demo!

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