Top 10 Advantages of Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Instructor-Led Training is typically the go-to option when it’s time to implement an organizational learning program. The ability to provide personalized on-site training sessions conducted by a professional is, understandably, a very attractive option for companies in diverse industries.

However, with the advent of telecommuting and the “digital nomad” lifestyle, the workforce has started to evolve: more and more, employees are scattered across cities, states, provinces, and beyond. 

As a result, modern HR training professionals are faced with a few important challenges: how can we train our employees as a cohesive unit if they’re spread across the country – or the world? How can we make each session cost-effective and time-efficient? How can we ensure a positive return on investment?

With these needs and concerns as a catalyst for change, Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) has stepped onto the scene as a whole new way to reach employees near and far. VILT has already started to replace traditional training methods to meet current demands, marking a dramatic shift in the way we promote team cohesiveness.

What is VILT?

VILT combines all the advantages of a traditional classroom with the flexibility and convenience of a virtual setup. This learning environment brings employees into the fold no matter their location – all they need is an internet connection. Instructors and participants across the globe can communicate and interact in real-time, with webcams connecting students to their instructor as well as each other.

Why choose VILT?

1) Flexibility

VILT is the key to global reach, facilitating employee participation from anywhere in the world. Whether your staff is local, national, or international, the virtual classroom is accessible to anyone, anytime, in any location. 

2) Engagement

Classroom and online learning have one important thing in common: they both enable participants to enjoy live interaction with instructors and classmates. When training is conducted online, all parties involved can achieve the same level of knowledge transfer and active engagement as they would in a physical classroom.

3) Cohesion

In the absence of a communal water cooler, VILT increases workplace cohesion by giving employees the opportunity to learn alongside faraway colleagues. The digital classroom is the perfect place to bring people together who wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise.

4) Efficiency

VILT tends to favour shorter modules, usually amounting to no more than 1.5 hours per class. When training is delivered in manageable quantities, learners feel less overwhelmed than they would in a typical all-day workshop. In addition, by eliminating the fatigue associated with sitting for hours at a time, participants are more likely to retain what they’ve learned.

5) Recording

Each class can be recorded for future reference, making the course material readily available for those who were not able to attend the live session.

6) Productivity

Time is a valuable commodity. VILT completely eliminates the need for commuting to a training workshop, allowing participants to make the most out of their days: by bringing the classroom to them, the hours that would have been spent in transit can be put towards productive tasks instead. Training can also be scheduled outside of peak work hours for optimal time allocation.

7) Cost-effectiveness

Group classes make it easy to unite employees from different branches or divisions of your company. When you can gather everyone under one digital roof, there’s no need to hire multiple instructors to host separate courses, workshops, or conferences for different locations or departments.

8) Inclusion

The virtual classroom can break down barriers of all kinds, making it easy to include as wide a range of learners as possible. This is especially true for those who could not otherwise participate due to time constraints or other personal limitations, such as physical disabilities or being located in a remote area.

9) Measurability

It’s easy to evaluate the effectiveness of a VILT program across an organization. When all of the students and stakeholders involved are covering the same curriculum, collecting feedback and insight regarding the quality and impact of the training is simple. Larger sample sizes mean more accurate evaluations!

10) Sustainability

Forward-thinking businesses operate with an eye towards their environmental impact. With VILT, your organization can reduce its carbon footprint by eliminating the need for planes, trains, and automobiles to get to a training workshop. You can access the online classroom from anywhere, making it a zero-emission solution! 

If your organization’s employees are located far and wide, VILT may very well be a perfect fit. For all of your language training needs, trust the experts at CR SL Virtual to deliver a personalized, streamlined, and effective learning experience. Contact us today for a free demo!